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[/quietly moves]
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[This is probably hella late but uhhhh']
Hello~ I just wanted to ask (and I apologise if this has been asked a DOZEN times) but what is the piano piece that's played on your page? It's really nice. And oddly.... it suits your Tumblr theme very well, even Rude who comes across to me as not at all what he appears.

[ Here you go. u v u ]

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I'm just gonna
post this
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turk-with-sunglasses started following you.


“Hello, sir. May I know why those sunglasses?”

Long story.

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oh no this is cute


Fanart for the Turks — you always remember your first fandom. <3

I’ll be at FanExpo Vancouver this weekend, right in the middle of the artist alley. Hope to see some of you there!


Oh? I am sorry!

/she gently pulled her hand back to show she wouldn’t touch him further. Then, just as always with her infinite amount of curiousness, she found her gaze drawn to his ears, eyes going wide/

Whoaaaa… so many piercings!! Can I see them up close?

   //a well groomed brow rose. He soon traded skepticism for compliance by canting in her direction, baring the more piercing heavy side for her viewing leisure

Completely content with climbing into his arms and then into his jacket, the cat was content to root around looking for some source of food. After all, his lunch had been interrupted and trying to get back to the left over pizza had proven difficult.

After readjusting the newly occupied garment, he made sure his company was secure; rose to his feet; and assured he was free from chance of being watched- a thin curve on an otherwise linear expression.



Eeeenteresteeeeng! /she inches forward, beginning to poke about his suit in curiosity/

So, Meester Rude… why are yeoo dressed so fancy? Are yeoo goeeng to a party?

    //to save her from prodding into one of his many sequestered weapons, he caught her wrist with cogent firmness

—Please refrain

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Eager to climb into his hands and up his arm, the feline was happy with the fact to not be squeezed or scruffed. A thought about apologizing for leaving white hair everywhere only coming out in the form of a rather pitiful meow.

Begloved fingers scratched behind the creature’s ear, consoling the grievance that made it’d vocal with affection. Folded arms served as a large cradle, tolerantly awaiting for its comfort.


Rude? Hmm! Is that a meestranslation eento engleesh? Or is it… simly Rude?

Because that is very fascinateeng, to be named after a word most people associate with negative feeleengs!

No, ma’am.

    //shoulders roved back, the joints creaking in protest

Just ‘Rude’.